Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Searching for Christmas...

Here are the 12 items that were on my "12 days of Christmas" list:

1. Christmas Tree Ornament
2. Christmas Tree
3. A Candy Cane
4. A Cup of Hot Chocolate (Whip cream optional)
5. Red, White and Green Sarong
6. Red, White and Green Beaded Wallet
7. Beaded Flip-flops that have Silvery Snow Flakes
8. Another Christmas Tree Ornament
9. Santa Claus
10. A Decorated Scooter
11. Tell 3 people that didn't know the story "The Night Before Christmas", the story
12. 4 Screaming Boys (just to make me feel at home)

And here is what I came up with...

If you click on the picture it gets a little bit bigger.
I had a ton of fun completing my mission! I know the pictures are small but unfortunately, the internet is painfully slow in these parts and uploading 12 different pictures would have taken 17 days...
The first picture is one of the two ornaments. Then we have a group of Christmas trees taken outside of an Ace Hardware, there's an Ace Hardware in Bali? Could that mean a possible Walmart somewhere on the island? The next item is the candy cane. And of course it wouldn't be Christmas without a Starbucks hot chocolate, except that it's a cafe latte that I had the guy put whip cream on top of to make it look like Hot Chocolate. Let's face it, and a certain family member of mine might disown me for saying this but, I'm just not a huge fan of hot chocolate and if I'm going to pay 3 times what I pay for a meal in Bali for a cup of hot chocolate that I'm not even going to drink then I've gone crazy. To those that are judging scavenger hunt completion... Hot Chocolate was on the menu! Next is the red, white and green sarong, which was not an easy find and is also more of a cream/off white color but Christmasy nonetheless. Then, jump to the red, white and green beaded wallet that is indeed shaped like a watermelon. (Watermelons are making a comeback as the traditional Christmas holiday fruit.) Next is the silvery snow flake flip flop, also a hard item to find. Then the second Christmas Tree ornament. And wait, what was that noise? Oh, that's right it's Sissy Santa Claus! I had the most fun with this one... The hat consists of a red towel and a white towel, Tom and Michelle (my new friends that I met over the weekend) helped fashion a white beard and eyebrows using Tom's shaving cream. I'm wearing a green sarong and my embroidered Christmas pajamas that only cost upwards of $500 to have shipped to me! Next is a scooter that I decorated myself, that one was just not going to be found! Then, interestingly enough, I chose an audience of mostly Indonesians that don't understand a single word of English to tell the story of "the Night before Christmas". I had an interpreter that interpreted as best she could. Have you read "the Night before Christmas" recently? It's in Old English and hardly makes any sense even to me! Lastly and probably my favorite picture is of 4 screaming boys. They aren't actually screaming in the picture but they definitely were before I took the picture. We were sitting outside having lunch and we kept hearing laughing and screaming and I thought, this could be the picture for the last item on my list. So I went to the sea wall and sure enough,  there were 4 boys wrestling around with each other in their underwear, jumping in and out of the water. All I had to do was go over with my camera and they immediately came over to me wanting to get their picture taken. Kids in Bali really love having their pictures taken. If you look closely, with your magnifying glass, the kid on the left is flipping me off, which is just perfectly fitting to remind me of the boys that I miss so much at home!  


  1. Who came up with the 12 items on your list?

  2. this made my entire day!! Yes, I agree with Lauren---who designed this list? clever, random and random.

  3. Family friends, Linda and Geri. They come to Bali every summer so they kind of new what to put on the list as far as what I would and wouldn't be able to find. i.e. red, green and white beaded wallet. You can find those in all sorts of colors in the matkets here...