Friday, December 2, 2011

Crossing the street is just not an option...

There are a few realizations I have come to know in the past few days since I have been in Bali.
Balinese sales women don't necessarily speak english except for this one line "You have time visit my store. Look. Maybe later." And what do I do? Smile and say "maybe later".
Cheesy American music is apparently popular here. I have heard 3 or 4 american songs since I have been here, other than those songs on my itunes, and 2 of them were Peter Cetera's "Glory of Love" and Bryan Adams' "Everything I do". Those could possibly be two of the cheesiest songs. Sorry to those of you who have these songs on your playlist...
Balinese people are some of the kindest, genuine and gracious people I have come across and crossing the street is really challenging and hardly an option. Just when you have looked one way and looked the other and think that it's safe, all you hear is a squeaky scooter horn coming straight at you. Scootering is no joke in these parts! I have yet to buy my scooter but when I do, It's quite possible that I will crap myself from pure terror. I'll keep you posted... 


  1. I can send you an air horn, that would scare the crapola out of the peaceful Balinese and maybe clear the road so you can cross safely. How's the food? Have you run out of Luna Bars? I have thought of you at least a hundred times today. And I was busy so it was less than usual. In your back pocket always! love you tons!!!!!

  2. if you're gonna crap yourself, make it a good your family proud!
    i love peter cetera, barry manilow too, jeez, what kind of music is on your playlist?
    blog on chels, seems therapeutic for sure, hopefully you're out right now meeting new teman-teman!
    sell-a-mutt buggy!

  3. Hi Chels-
    What an awesome blog! And such a fantastic idea. You are so brave. So many people talk about doing things like this and never do. Try listening to Pearl Jam, better yet, Eddie Vedder- really loud! I find that to be very liberating. The words seem very freeing.You can do this and come back with so much to tell, even though we'll be hearing all about over this blog. When do you actually start teaching? Think cool thoughts. I'll keep writing to keep you company. An unlikely source,but I figure you are happy to hear from anyone.