Sunday, December 4, 2011

These streets...

I'm officially of resident status here in Bali. I moved to a more permanent place or "home stay" as the Balinese refer to it. It won't be too permanent due to a few factors, the most importantly being that I do not have internet access but at least I feel more comfortable than I did at the previous cockroach hole!

I have been without internet for less than 24 hours at this point and have felt unbelievably lost. Without going into too much detail, I will mention that I did have my first breakdown last night since I have been in Bali. Somehow, the cockroach, mattress on the floor, fan that did absolutely nothing place didn't faze me in the least...

I also got a scooter. After my first outing, I have learned that all streets in Bali look much like the last. However, I did somehow manage to find my destination. I only got turned around a couple times and only almost fell off twice while attempting to turn around. Throughout all of this, I am pretty impressed with myself. I even stopped to get gas all by my big girl self! Getting gas entails stopping on the side of the road where you find a little stand with glass bottles that are filled with yellowish/gold liquid. To fill up, it cost me 15,000 rupiah which translates to about $1.50, dirt cheap! Granted, it's only a scooter so the tank is not that big but still, dirt cheap!

Did I mention that all of the streets look the same and I have to actively remember to stay on the left side of the street! Again, pretty impressed with myself!

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  1. I can't possibly imagine that you are the same girl that I met in physical science class in 2000! You are so impressive, stooge! These blogs are so fascinating and I look for new ones regularly! I am sorry to hear about your is really hard to read the small parts where you have difficulties because I wish I could hug you! You can always read my letter and those of your other family that are wishing you well every second of the day! You make me so proud to call you my friend. Keep up your humble attitude! I love you!