Thursday, November 17, 2011

Today, it's a good idea...

As most of you know, I got rid of my car a couple weeks ago. When I left the dealership, on my bike of course since I was now without a car, for a split second (okay, maybe it was a little longer than a split second) I felt extremely liberated. I've thought about that recently and realized that I haven't had that feeling since the gun went off at my last collegiate cross country race back in the fall of 2007. That feeling of liberation faded as soon as I realized that I had just written a check for 2,012 big ones! It's all part of the process though and I'm happy to admit that I'm starting to have more moments of excitement rather than more "holy shit, what am I doing" moments! Now, that is not to say that I'm over the hump and I won't have those holy shit thoughts but today moving half way around the world in an attempt to find myself and get out of this standstill that I have been in since I graduated from college sounds like a good idea...  

11 days and counting... Holy S***! See, not over that hump quite yet!

"Don't go with your dreams untold" - Pete Francis
This is a line from the song that I'm really diggin on right now... 


  1. Yaaaay Chels! I'm so very proud of you for not only taking such a huge step, but for following a dream! So many people just talk about doing big things and having great adventures, but you are one of the rare people to actually act on it! I am so excited to read every step of this new chapter in what is sure to be a fabulous endeavor. Continue to be bold and find what truly makes you happy!! Xoxo!!!


    Write a post and let us know you are alive and got there safely! I love you!